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Our Bible Studies

Sunday school starts 9:30am & service starts 10:30am at 2500 East Broadway, Sedalia MO.

Our Bible Studies

We seek to glorify God by studying His Most Holy Word. All of our Sunday School classes and adult studies focus on learning the blessed doctrines in the Scriptures for the purpose of knowing our God better that we might walk worthily as we grow in holiness.

We believe that the Bible alone is our true spiritual authority and any other books, confessions, catechisms, etc. used are only of value inasmuch as they are in harmony with the Bible.

We teach classic Reformed Scriptural truths like the Five Solas, the Doctrines of Grace, Covenant Theology, the Fourfold State of Man, sanctification, and any other doctrine contained in the Word. We use expository teaching, topical studies, catechisms, and historic confessions to teach God’s Word to the sheep Jesus died to save.

1. Children's Study School

Our children are also taught using the New City Catechism at an age-appropriate pace and depth in order to become familiar with the Holy Bible and it’s teachings at a young age

2. Youth Sunday School

Youth are taught the same as adults, using the Word of God to learn doctrine and holiness in order to glorify God in their lives. They are currently using the New City Catechism to commit these teachings to memory. They also study each doctrine taught, as this is not a rote memory exercise, but a means of hiding the truth of God’s Word in their hearts.

3. Adult Sunday School & Studies

Our adult Sunday School class is currently learning Biblical doctrine through a detailed study of our confession of faith, the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689, lovingly known as “the 1689”.

The Men’s Study currently meets Friday mornings and is currently working through an expository series on Proverbs.

The Women’s Study meets on Wednesday mornings and has completed a variety of studies. Most recently, the completed an expository study on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

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